Talking News

WDUB Community Radio and Albany Lions Club began a partnership sometime in the year 2000 in the production of what is now called “Talking Newspapers”. It began some years before that and was then called “Reading for the Print Handicapped”. This was a service that provided local news for those who were visually impaired or for some reason weren’t able to read the local papers. The local papers were read “live to air” by volunteers every Saturday morning. Then the idea was brought forward, that with the help of the local Lions Club and also the Association for the Blind perhaps we could make tapes that would be sent to individuals who requested it and it could be sent to them each week. After some discussion and organising, the radio began production of tapes, with volunteers reading from local newspapers on Thursday mornings. This was the earliest all the local papers would be available. This then gave the Lions Club time to make multiple copies (with their special machine) and still get the tapes out, to be received by Friday with “fresh” news! These tapes are also still played every Saturday morning at 12:00 noon.

Dorothy Moore

Talking Newspapers Co-ordinator

Val and Liz preparing to read the local newspapers for the show.

Talking Newspapers goes to air each Saturday at 12 noon or you can listen to the podcast here

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Phone: (08) 9020 2338