Andrea is a visionary heart, mind and soul, committed to her spiritual journey to serve the globe in opening to new levels of awareness via the sharing of her knowledge and worldly travels.  She represents the etheric world as a word-smith, musician, singer/performer and spiritual guide.  She is here to bring universal truth and soul alignment as a Star Who Stands Upon the Earth.

Donna ‘s “Gen-X-Cite”

Donna has moved on to bigger and better things. We are happy that she was able to contribute so much to our station and we wish her luck with what ever she does. There will always be a mic available for you Donna if you want to come back. Donna has had a life long passion for music and radio, having played “DJ” as a child (recording her own radio ‘shows’ via tape deck was one of her favourite childhood past times), and remembers always having the radio on somewhere in the house or car as she was growing up.

Tony Whalley

Upon leaving grammar school in Birkenhead at the age of 16 it was my aim to travel and see as much of the world as possible so I became an apprentice Deck Officer in the Merchant Navy. My sea-going career lasted for 10 years and yes! I saw lots. I then went to Edge Hill College of Education at Liverpool University and began my teaching career in 1968 until I left as Deputy Head in 1978. I joined a cotton merchants as Company Secretary becoming a Director 2 years later. In my work I travelled Europe extensively and, apart from the U.K., I lived in Switzerland for a short time.


Like Brian “R” Gazza is having a break from the mic, but hopes to be back in the near future to bring you “The G. Spot” once again.

Peter “T”

Commencing on Community Radio on the 1st January 2014 has truly rekindled my love for music.  I like nothing better than finding some music that I have never heard before, be that from any era or genre, and being instantly smitten.  My music taste today is centred on, but not exclusively, for a song that tells a story.  A track that makes me think, maybe even challenges my thinking or makes me want to be a better person.  I like most genres of music with modern country my favourite through to folk, pop, vintage cafe, soft rock, and with classical being my least favourite.

Jay Cook

Jay Cook Performs “Midnight Triain” live at Liberte with “The Swerve”

Three Days In Melbourne and Tortured Moon is a twin pack album of 18 songs all written by me over the last few years. The Swerve is the name for a collective of 18 musicians I collaborated with to record this album. It was recorded, produced and mastered at Sticks Music in Albany, Western Australia. I picked up a guitar at 52 and decided to give playing and writing music a go. I consider myself a part of the “local folk give it a go” movement, of which the South coast has an abundance. The sound features diverse influences from 50’s rythmn n blues to shuffles, inde pop, ballads, rock n roll, New York jazz stylings and, yes even country, to an eleven minute poetic sound scape called The Swerve.

Brian “R”

Currently Brian is taking a well earned rest from the mic, but watch tis space for his return. Enjoy the break BrianBrian heralds from New Zealand (but we don’t hold that against him). A man who doesn’t believe in the 21st Century and all it’s modern Technology. He prefers to live in the 50’s and 60’s. His love of Rockabilly and Rock and Roll is evident when you tune into his show each Saturday Night from 9pm to Midnight.

Doug Trowse

I was born in South Australia, moved to Western Australia with my parents when I was 11 or 12 years old. We lived in Denmark where Dad brought a dairy farm, when the bottom fell out of dairy farming, Dad started work for the Main Roads in Albany. I worked the farms until they were sold, then we moved to Albany.

Joan’s Easy Listening

Meet Joan, our “lass about town”. Joan loves to get around town and attend the many shows at our new Entertainment Centre. There has been a fantastic array of entertainment lately, with amazing artists from overseas as well as Australian and especially our local artists.

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