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I was born and raised in the big smoke, that is Perth.  I was an only child in a loving household with a home filled with music.  The music I remember from my childhood was varied but I have fond memories of the Crooners.  People like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were never far from the turntable.  Hitting the teen years my music tastes started to change.  A defining moment was watching the Paul Hogan show when his musical guests Skyhooks appeared.  The outfits and the music struck a chord and I was hooked, forgive the pun.  Countdown on the ABC saw me at home every Sunday evening glued to the screen. Sadly my personal musical talent was restricted to a very bad triangle player.  Through my teen years my music collection grew and incorporated a wide variety of genres and eras.

Commencing on Community Radio on the 1st January 2014 has truly rekindled my love for music.  I like nothing better than finding some music that I have never heard before, be that from any era or genre, and being instantly smitten.  My music taste today is centred on, but not exclusively, for a song that tells a story.  A track that makes me think, maybe even challenges my thinking or makes me want to be a better person.  I like most genres of music with modern country my favourite through to folk, pop, vintage cafe, soft rock, and with classical being my least favourite.

I like to present a show based around a theme, as that suits my unique personality as well as presenting me a challenge to fill three hours with music, quotes, facts and jokes based around that theme.

If you have a great idea for a theme I am very open to your suggestions.  Please email me below with your ideas and I will be sure to give it serious consideration.  I welcome all calls be they encouraging or constructive criticism.

I look forward to the future, developing my on air skills, finding new music, keeping you informed of Community activities and hopefully putting a smile on your face.

Cheers Pete.

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