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Hello everybody I am Adam Hornsey a barrister and solicitor practicing here in WDUB. Schooled in the Great Southern, and at the Australian National University in Canberra. And with many years experience at the Australian Taxation Office, in the tertiary education sector, and a sole practitioner, I endeavour to answer any legal queries you may have on my program ‘Legally Speaking’, broadcast fortnightly on Mondays at midday.

In addition to discussing the law, Legally Speaking touches on greater issues of justice in the community, and from a practical point of view, with interviews with a range of guests including local police, those who run drug and alcohol rehabilitation, those who offer legal services free or at low cost to the community, to professionals who are involved in transfer of property, to individuals involved in public education campaigns.

Listeners are welcome to call to ask a legal question of me or guests during the program, or by email using the contact form on the menu bar or phone between broadcasts.


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