Australian Music

Totally Gourdgeous

Very lucky to have had these talented “Musos” vist our lovely City of Albany in October 2013.

Keep on spreading the love…

“Joni Mitchell meets James Brown in Bob Marley’s pumpkin patch via The Muppets!”. All are playing Gourd instruments luthiered by Penelope Swales – Legendary since young (Gourd Guitar, Gourdolin, Stomp, Aslatuas, Chinese Hulusi Gourd Flute), Mal Webb – from Lano & Woodley to Glastonbury Solo (Gourd Bass, Mbira, Gournet, Voice-box), Carl Pannuzzo – Smallest Stadium Band in the world to Woodford Fire Event Choir master (Gourd Djemba, Percussion, Guitar), Andrew Clermont – a nutso player from Dya Singh to Tom T Hall (Gourdiddle, Gourdolin, Guitar) and all with Gourdatious Vocals to produce a manic, organic musical experience, punning pathos, heartfelt hilarity & messages of love, fellowship and environmental sanity.

Contact Us

25 Baker Street, Albany, Western Australia 6330.
Phone: (08) 9020 2338